Repositioning an Original


  • Fujifilm is the market leader for silver halide colour
    paper (photographic paper) and intended to activate the appeal of its products
    and to develop an high profiling brand image next to digital print products.

The Challenge:

  • Silver halide colour paper is a technical high end product which
    needed more emotional touch with wow effect.
  • More appealing information in the B2B segment and to pull
    B2C peer groups to focus on photographic paper.
  • Roll-out for the entire european countries focussing on the top 8 markets
    With 8 different languages like UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal,
    Turkey and Russian.
  • Repositioning in the global market
    Winning new target groups within the B2C sector
    Marketing sales support for Fujifilm partners and clients


  • Creating an entire world for Fujifilm Original photo paper
    Communication brand strategy for B2B and B2C.
  • Brand development including brand naming and trademark design.
  • Launch of the "Original Photo Paper" website for Europe
  • Fujifilm North- and South America followed the brand design roll out
    in their markets
  • www.makeanoriginal.com